First Boil of 2022

We’re boiling for the first time this year. We lit off at around 9:00 am and after running 900 gallons of sap into the evaporator we got our first batch of syrup at 11:00am

As a reminder we will fill your containers that you bring to our sugar house for $45 a gallon. There is a container shortage this year, while we should have enough jugs for ourselves if you have been thinking of visiting the sugar house and getting containers filled this year is the year to do it.

First Boil of 2021

Today we’re going to boil for the first time this year, we probably won’t make any syrup but we will get the evaporator all sweetened up and ready for the next run.

We didn’t have the help we usually do when tapping due to Covid but all of our trees are tapped and we finished walking the lines and checking for leaks this morning.

Maple Cream and Quarts

We made another batch of Maple Cream today so we have more available at the house.

We also have too many quarts, due to Covid-19 we haven’t sold as many as expected. So while supplies last we are selling them for $14 instead of the usual $16. Also you can buy a quart of syrup and a 1/2lb jar of Maple Cream for $22, normal price would be $26.

First Boil of 2020

It’s the 27th of February and we are boiling for the first time this season. This is one of the few if not only years that we have boiled before we have finished tapping. The weather is supposed to get really cold over the weekend and into next week and it can cause freezing problems with our few lines that run underground so we left those untapped.

We have made a close to 10 gallons of syrup so far today although our operation had a minor hiccup after the power went out. We are running on generator power now but we can’t run everything. We decided to put this batch of syrup in drums to use for Maple Cream.

Season Update

We are boiling again today.  So far the season has gone well, we have made ~230 gallons of syrup.  The weather looks like may be to warm this coming week and put an end to our season early.  If you want to check if the sap is running at our sugar house you can go to .  The pump for our releaser tank is controlled by a micro computer and it updates the website every time the pump cycles.  It allows us to monitor what is happening at our sugar house without having to drive over and physically take a look.