Who is Matt?

There are lots of Matts, Matt is our last name so there are several different Matts that help out with the sugaring operation.

Dave Matt is who started Matt’s maple syrup. He built the first section of our sugar house in 1979 and has been maple syrup there ever since.

Jeremy Matt is Dave Matt’s oldest son and got to spend time in the sugar house as it was being built when he was only a few months old. He lives farther north in Vermont and comes down to help when his busy schedule allows.

Eric Matt is Dave Matt’s youngest son. Eric missed the first sugaring season in 1980 because he wasn’t born yet but he has helped out every year since then. He currently lives around 4 miles from the family farm and is Dave’s right hand during sugar season and in general on the Farm.

Ernest Matt is Dave Matt’s Father, he lives at the farm and his primary role in the sugaring operation is as a taste tester. Now that he’s over 90 years old he doesn’t make it up the sugar house as often as he used to.

Amanda Matt is Eric Matt’s wife and mother of Sammy and Robin Matt. She helps with tapping the trees, canning and washing lines. Sammy (age 4) and Robin (age 6) are being trained to tap trees, put the stickers on the syrup containers, and wash lines.

Monica Matt is Jeremy Matt’s wife. She will come down to help with the sugaring operation when Jeremy comes down.

Attia and Merris Brack-Matt (age 15) are Jeremy’s daughters and come down to help when Jeremy comes down. They are both proficient at all aspects of canning syrup including the more difficult glass containers.