What makes our Syrup Special?

The sap sap we collect is boiled on a wood fired evaporator to remove the excess water and produce maple syrup in much the same way that it’s been done on our farm by past generations. All of the syrup we sell is produced by us at our sugar house so it all meets our high standards. Each container of syrup we fill is from a single day of boiling. This means that our syrup grades are true to the way the syrup came out of our evaporator.

Our method of making syrup is different from larger producers and we believe it makes a better product. Large producers us reverse osmosis to sweeten the sap before it’s boiled, this reduces the boiling time and means the sap spends less time in the evaporator. It also means that the syrup isn’t cooked for as long which can affect the flavor. We don’t buy syrup in bulk from other producers and put our name on it. We don’t blend our batches syrup to change the grade. Our Amber Rich syrup is never a Dark Robust syrup blended with Golden Delicate or lighter Amber Rich syrup.