Gallon of Syrup$50.00
½ Gallon of Syrup$26.00
Quart of Syrup$16.00
Pint of Syrup$9.00
½ Pint of Syrup$6.00
½ Lb of Maple cream$10.00

What is Maple cream?

Maple cream is maple syrup that is re-boiled to make it even thicker and then it is mixed so it crystalizes. The constant mixing makes it a spreadable consistency. It’s great on toast or crackers, and it makes great icing for cookies. When using it as icing the last bit of moisture gets absorbed by the cookie leaving a perfect coating of maple cream that hardens and allows the cookies to be stacked without sticking together.

Maple Syrup comes in three grades:

Grade A, Golden Delicate or Vermont Fancy is made from the first sap that runs and is the lightest in color and has a delicate maple flavor.  It is regarded as the premium grade by many.

Grade A, Amber Rich is made in the middle of the season and is a little darker in color with a slightly stronger maple flavor.

Grade A, Dark Robust is darker yet and has the strongest maple flavor.  Dark Robust is used in cooking and is also suitable for table use for those who enjoy a strong maple flavor.

For customers who aren’t sure what grade to purchase, we recommend trying a small container of each grade.

We will ship anywhere in the world, and we accept personal checks, money orders or we can email you an invoice payable with a credit card or paypal account.Please contact us for shipping prices.

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  1. Hello Matts,

    Bill Eppley here from Wabash Indiana. We have used up the last of the maple syrup we received from you sometime back. My wife “Laura” said contact your friend in vermont and get a quart of the fancy grade.

    Is Eric still riding BMW motorcycles? I still am.

  2. Loved the syrup. Got some while traveling this summer up north. We have been through a couple of quarts and are ready for more!


  3. I run a rural mail route in Mississippi. One of my favorite customers gives me a quart of your syrup every year for Christmas. This year they gave me a quart of, Amber color rich taste, that was the best syrup I’ve ever tasted!!! I would love to buy some, do you have any left?

  4. Hi there, wishing for some home town syrup from Marlboro this year for my family and friends out here in Chicago. Was hoping to get 4 quarts, 2 pints and a half gallon shipped if possible.

  5. Happy holidays! We would like to order three of what fits in one flat rate box, if you are still shipping that way. Is it two half gallons and one quart? Thanks!

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