Matt’s Maple Syrup – Vermont’s Best

Matt’s Maple syrup is a small family owned and operated enterprise. We have been making maple syrup on the old family farm here in Southern Vermont since 1979. Each spring we tap about 1800 maple trees and gather the sap that flows.

The sap is boiled on a wood fired evaporator to remove the excess water and produce maple syrup in much the same way that it’s been done on our farm by past generations since before the turn of the century. All of the syrup we sell is produced by us at our sugar house so it all meets our high standards.

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First Boil of 2021

Today we’re going to boil for the first time this year, we probably won’t make any syrup but we will get the evaporator all sweetened up and ready for the next run.

We didn’t have the help we usually do when tapping due to Covid but all of our trees are tapped and we finished walking the lines and checking for leaks this morning.

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