New Grading Standards

New Grading Standards for Vermont Syrup Producers

The State of Vermont has officially adopted the new International Grading Standards for maple syrup produced here starting in January of 2014.  The first year will be a transitional year and either grading system may be used.  Starting in 2015 the new grading system and terminology must be used.

The new grading system describes the four syrup colors differently and adds some language to describe the flavor associated with that color.  Here are the four new grades:

Grade A Golden Color with Delicate Taste – This grade corresponds to the old Vermont Fancy grade and has a very light color and a delicately sweet maple flavor

Grade A  Amber Color with Rich Taste –  This grade corresponds to the old Vermont Medium Amber grade and is a bit darker with a more pronounced flavor.

Grade A Dark Color with Robust Taste – This grade corresponds to the old Vermont     Dark Amber grade and is darker still and has a stronger flavor.

Grade A Very Dark Color with Strong Taste – This grade corresponds to the old Vermont Grade B and is very dark in color and has a very strong taste.  This grade is generally used in cooking and processing although some who prefer a strong syrup taste may use it as a table syrup.

At Matt’s Maple Syrup we will be grading and labeling the syrup made in 2014 using the new grading standards.  If you have any questions or concerns about the new grading standards, please feel free to contact us for a further explanation.

Thanks for your patience during this transitional period.