2013 Sugaring Season has started

We started tapping March 2nd and finally finished up March 13th.  Normally it only takes two or three days to get all tapped.  It took longer this year because it didn’t seem like we were going to miss much sap by tapping slower and we had fewer people helping this year.


Our first boil was March 11th and we didn’t make quite enough syrup to can.  We boiled for the next three days until it got to cold for the sap to run.  The weather next week is looking promising.  The sap runs best when it freezes at night and gets up to around 45 during the day.

Visitors can bring containers to be filled at the sugar house when we are boiling. Syrup at the sugar house is $45 per gallon or a fraction of that depending on container size. Freezing nights and warm days make the sap flow and if there is sap we are boiling, call Dave at 464 9788 or the sugar house 464 7189 to make sure if we are boiling.